We just completed our Fall match at Long Range Alley south of Shrevport, Louisiana.  The weather was hot but
we all enjoyed ourselves.  Highlighted photos are below. The complete list of photos for this match are now
in and listed in the sidebarLATEST PHOTOS, first batch.   

From left to right/top to bottom: 1 -- Appreciation awards were given to the FCSA international members present: Mike Roberts/Wales - Scott Wylie/Scotland - Andrew Hall/England 2 -- New junior member Sydney Deblock 3 -- Match Director, Ed George, hard at work 4 -- Our new Secretary Treasurer, Don Hertzberg 5 -- Group photo 6 -- Many thanks to Roxanne Myers for volunteering as Pit Supervisor Everyone had a terrific time at the Fun Shoot hosted by Brian McCann. Claton Caine introduced a new competition to the FCSA. An Extreme Long Range (ELR) competition was held with some amazing marksmanship being demonstrated. The weather was hot but we all had a great time. All the pictures are listed in the sidebar under LATEST PHOTOS at the bottom of the page. Just a few highlights are here: